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In the wake of the holiday season of giving and being grateful for the things you have, the holidays also shed a light on those who aren’t as fortunate. Seeing others in need can tug at your ¬†heartstrings and make you want to give the clothes off your back to someone. The season doesn’t just bring jolly and celebratory moods, but many find that unwelcomed guests like stress and depression also accompany them on the holidays. So, it’s important to note that one’s time can be just as much a valuable thing to give as money.


Give without Conditions


When giving your time, energy, and/or money to a cause or organization, make there are no expectations of getting anything in return. Giving this season should be a selfless act done from the heart. Ego isn’t involved in these transactions. If you are giving with conditions attached, you are not doing it for the right reasons.


Research the Cause


The giving spirit can lead to very uneducated decisions if unmonitored. While organizations begin to surface with ways you can help their cause, there are people who try to take advantage of people’s giving holiday spirit by creating causes that aren’t reliable or authentic. It’s important to research where you choose to donate your money and make sure the organization is credible.


Hands-On Volunteering


There are many things that can be done during the holidays that requires more of one’s time and energy. These things include food drives, working at a soup kitchen, or handing out food to the homeless in the local area. As mentioned previously depression and stress are not too uncommon during the holidays. Some sensible reasons for this may have to do with some unfortunate not being able to provide the things they’d like to for their families. Feelings of loneliness are also common. Spending time with those who don’t have any family or friends can help brighten up their day.


Money can definitely do a lot of good this holiday season, but it’s important to make sure you know where it’s going. Give selflessly without any expectations to a cause you feel very passionately about. If you’d like to give more than that, know that there are people out there this holiday who’d probably enjoy your company so don’t be afraid to socialize and help those in the community who may not have much.